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Beating heart of the home

For the ones who appreciate classics, as well as for the simplicity lovers. Attention of the details, subtle performance and the highest quality materials used in production – those are distinctive features of producers we work with. Today you can see at Pepe’s display:

The art within arm’s reach

Underestimated by many, at Pepe’s they have a special place. Wallpapers, because about them we’re talking right now, are the element which completes a project, gives a soul to the room and puts a dot over an i. Come to see by yourself this large library of samples with a cup of delicious coffee. Beyond them a very latest novelty – a wet rooms wallpaper and even an outdoor one!

Evolution of Edison’s light bulb

You can’t say a space was designed if you don’t consider lighting as an important part. It’s not only a decoration. When a correct light color, power and place is chosen, even an empty room looks different. Curious about novelties? At Pepe’s you can see:

Furniture dizziness

Looking for a large family sofa? A beautiful wooden table? Or maybe your toddler needs a new room? You can arrange any home space with us. Including the garden of course. Feel welcome to see and try – our expo is all available for you ☺ And we have there for example:

A decorative dot over an i

If we drink a coffee, it’s always in an elegant porcelain. Cookies are always carefully setted on an unusual platter. Flowers in designer vases or in modern concrete pots. Pink gold bathroom accessories and marvelous glass candlesticks in the garden. Sometimes small things are the most delightful. What can you see at Pepe’s?

Fitted furniture

Dimensions of standard furniture don’t suite you? Models presented in shops are to obvious? Don’t worry! Pepe will tailor it for you. Keep calm and we have a lot of ideas ;) !

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True design Makers for

True design Lovers